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All seasoned backpackers know the importance of keeping their items compact. Whether it’s clothing, sleeping bags or tent poles, there are many high-quality outdoor items designed to be versatile. This is where the ABC watch comes in.
Referred to by the acronym “ABC” watches, these products provide an altimeter, barometer and compass in one convenient device. Trekking in the hinterland? A reliable ABC watch could help you stay informed and safe while traveling.

abc watches
abc watches


For those unfamiliar, an altimeter determines the altitude gained during a trip while a barometer measures changes in atmospheric pressure. As you can probably guess, both metrics are incredibly important for backpackers who want to both note their current progress and avoid inclement weather.
Of course, these are just the starter features of the most basic ABC watch available. Many ABC watches come with a large list of capabilities too many to name. These days, it’s common for these products to be filled with temperature sensors, timers, automatic time zone changes, backlights, and advanced altitude visualization maps.

Potential buyers should be aware that it is difficult to find a fully functional ABC watch that is not bulkier. Many of the more functional units weigh six ounces or more, which can feel noticeably heavier on the wearer’s wrist.


Currently, Suunto and Casio ABC watches dominate the market as these brands offer a wide range of additional features. That said, the Garmin brand recently made a big leap into the high-end market by offering solar-powered ABC watches with enhanced GPS capabilities.


1 – Garmin Instinct abc watch WITH GPS:

Offered in shades from graphite to flame red, the Garmin Instinct abc watche is built to withstand harsh environments. This US military standard thermal shock resistant watch is integrated with barometric altimeter, GPS and smart compass.
Aside from the basic features, the Garmin Instinct abc watch comes with an activity, stress, heart rate, and workout tracker. You can even stay connected to smart device notifications with automatic data downloads.
With up to fourteen days of battery life, this Garmin is a fantastic companion to have when hiking through the backcountry. The patented TracBack feature makes it easy to get back to your starting point with the paired Explore app allowing you to plan trips in advance.
You are unlikely to find an ABC watch developed by a more customer-rated, trusted, and high-quality manufacturer than Garmin.


The Casio Pathfinder abc watch is so packed with features that you probably won’t discover some utilities for months after purchase.
The fully solar black watch is built with the standard compass, altimeter and barometer, but also has a: thermometer, LED backlight, automatic time zone adjustment, city code display, five programmable alarms, timers, power saving features, and more features.
When fully charged, this Casio Pathfinder abc watch can last a sixth month without any exposure to light. The 51mm stainless steel case and mineral dial window give the watch extra strength and durability, keeping it resistant up to 100 meters of water depth.
With a reinforced resin band and buckle, you would be hard pressed to even get a scratch on this watch. For those who need all the protection that the right technology can give them in the desert, the Casio Pathfinder abc watch is built to withstand tough conditions.

Advantages Disadvantages Casio Pathfinder abc watch :

Reinforced metal, mineral window and resin materials keep the watch safe from damage
Water resistant to a depth of 100m (330ft)
Solar powered and can last up to six months on a single charge
Some complain that the thermometer is inaccurate due to exposure to body heat.


With its surprisingly sleek design, many are surprised when they realize that the Suunto Core abc watch is a fully functional ABC watch. More than that, this product has tons of extra features built into the small size watch face: time tracking, temperature readings, sunrise times, elevation, and even storm alerts.
This all-black watch is thin enough to function as both a professional and outdoor watch. Designed to be your companion wherever you go, the Suunto is constructed from lightweight yet strong composite materials to be as discreet as possible.

Advantages Disadvantages of Suunto Core abc watch :

The design is sleek and light, yet sturdy enough to take anywhere
Compatible with several different buckle straps for different looks
Includes robust analysis of weather and temperature conditions
Only water resistant to a depth of one hundred feet
Suunto: Check the current price


While its hefty price tag might initially put you off, there’s nothing better in multisport, ABC, and smartwatch features than the Garmin Fenix ​​5X abc watch. This ultimate, highly functional watch combines the best of activity tracking, GPS, topographic measurement and smart device utility in one product.

In addition to tracking almost all of the important dimensions of health (heart rate, oxygen saturation, and sleep), the Garmin Fenix ​​5X abc watch ​​is ​​suitable for any adventure due to its rugged, scratch-resistant design. Built with diamond-like carbon 30% stronger than steel, this Garmin Fenix ​​5X abc watch is waterproof and corrosion free.

Now it is possible to easily store and play up to five hundred songs on your watch. Connect with a Bluetooth headset for phoneless listening or even make convenient payments with your watch through the Garmin Pay contactless solution.
With up to twenty days of battery life in smartwatch mode, the Garmin Fenix ​​5X abc watch ​​is ​​both extremely functional and practical. Ultimately, this watch is for those who view the outdoors as a fundamental aspect of their lifestyle.
There is simply nothing better than the advanced activity metrics, multi-network navigation system, live tracking and topographic measurement of the Garmin Fenix ​​5X abc watch.

Advantages Disadvantages of Garmin Fenix ​​5X abc watch:

Ability to customize monitoring functionality through an open source developer store
Resistant to corrosion, water and scratches thanks to a diamond-like carbon and titanium bezel
Provides smart device functionality while measuring virtually every facet of outdoor activity
More expensive than most ABC watches
Topographic maps may show less detail for less busy areas

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