WordPress Hosting: Top 10 WordPress Hosting Companies

Looking for WordPress hosting?

WordPress is certainly the most powerful and popular content management system.

With it, you can create any site, whatever its specialty, whether it’s a blog, a personal site, an introductory site, or a news site like the big popular sites, most of which are used by ScriptandPress.

Using WordPress, you can also create a market or online store that supports e-payment.

In addition to other uses, you can achieve by simply using some of the add-ons and templates of WordPress that you can find on the official WordPress website and in most locations, including what is free and what is paid.

How do you choose the best WordPress hosting for your site?

One of the most common problems facing WordPress users is the problem of choosing the best WordPress Hosting for their site.

Choosing to host a good WordPress is a big obstacle for many, especially beginners.

Although WordPress works on most types of web hosting, WordPress hosting is different from regular hosting, although it agrees with it in need of PHP and MySql.

But the requirements of script or program are the resources that Script needs to work only, but not necessarily to provide the best performance, especially if Script is draining web hosting resources.

Script is known to consume a lot of server resources especially RAM and PHP memory.

Therefore, foreign hosting companies have provided services to host user sites that work in WordPress because of the large number of these sites as Script scripts are growing and have become the most widely used content management scripts as more than 0% of all websites operate using WordPress.

The corporate hosting service for hosting WordPress sites is often called Managed WordPress Hosting.

However, this service is for WordPress only sites and for sites that require high strength and performance and we have mentioned the best hosting companies and WordPress managed in the last section of this guide below.

Hosting WordPress

We decided to publish this guide so that we can help our visitors find the best WordPress hosting and get the biggest discount as well.

After searching foreign websites, especially since we do not have in Arab hosting companies such a service because all Arab hosting is not more than a distributor for foreign companies. The best advice of them will be to book a server in THE VPS or a full Dedicated Server, which you will not be able to afford at the beginning of your site.

This is because they will not accept to create a site to host a subscriber on their own server which will affect other sites hosted on the same server. And if they accept it, it’s going to be worse!

But because of the proliferation of wordpress sites, large companies have provided a web hosting service that uses WordPress. We have compared these companies and selected the best hosting company offering web hosting or blogging that operates on the WordPress platform.

Instead of putting only one choice in front of you, we decided to make a list of the best wordpress hosting companies so you can choose from them according to your needs and budget.

In addition, we have added exclusive offers and discounts so you can save some money when you purchase your hosting.

Best WordPress Hosting Companies


Blue Host is the only host (there are other companies now) nominated by the official WordPress website (WordPress.Org).

This is because it proved to be one of the strongest hosting for WordPress after reviewing the team’s wordpress script, according to the site.

The company offers wordpress hosting service developed by a team of company engineers to provide the best screen performance without affecting hosting resources or causing the site to slow down or stop.

In addition, Bluehost offers the ability to install WordPress at the click of a button directly from the hosting control panel without having to upload script files, create a database or other things that may be complicated for beginners.


Host Jetor is the world’s most famous hosting company and one of the largest web hosting providers ever. The company hosts more than 8 million sites on its servers.

Host Getor offers a lot of hosting solutions such as shared hosting, VPS shared servers, full servers, cloud hosting, and WordPress hosting.

Some of the features of hosting Host Getor

1.Unlimited resource hosting
HostGator does not limit resources that you can use, which gives you great freedom, but there is still a usage policy on unlimited hosting.

  1. The possibility of hosting unlimited sites on the same package
    Therefore, we always advise people who want to create many “Nietzsche” sites for profit from AdSense, for example, to use the Cloud Host Getor because its central package of cloud hosting packages gives you the ability to host an unlimited number of sites on the same account in addition to its higher durability than shared hosting.
  2. Transfer your site to HostGator for free
    You can request your location to be transferred from another company to Host Jetor and technical support will move your site for free.
  3. Prices are fairly low compared to the service provided
    Host Getor hosting rates are low compared to the benefits offered by the company, making it one of the cheapest web hosting companies.
  4. Free technical support 24 hours a day, all year out
    Technical support is certainly indispensable whether you are a beginner or a professional.

When you need technical support, you must find it and with Host Getor you can communicate with technical support at any time via live chat.

  1. The world’s most famous cPanel control panel with an Arabic interface
    Host Getor uses the most popular Sea Panel control panel that supports Arabic, making hosting management easy.
  2. Coupon Google AdWords ads worth $100 to promote your site
    You can get a free credit coupon for Google ads if they meet the conditions.
  3. Install famous scripts such as WordPress with the click of a button from the hosting control panel
    You can create a site in moments by using the free scripts from Host Getor, which doesn’t require technical knowledge.

Plus lots and lots of other features that you’ll know after registering with them.

A2 Hosting

Little is known about this company, although it was established 17 years ago (1999). The reason for this is the lack of content that speaks of the web hosting field in general.

A2 Hosting offers one of the most powerful web hosting and wordpress hosting services, especially in terms of speed and stability of hosting.

The company offers a very fast and powerful hosting service with a hosting speed of up to 20 times the speed of other hosting – according to the company – and indeed the hosting service provided by the company is very fast.

In addition, the company is one of the first companies to offer php 7 support hosting, which will add to the speed and performance of your site as well.

You can install WordPress from inside the control panel at the touch of a button with ease.


The next company on the list of best hosting company WordPress is DreamHost. DreamHost is one of the best paid hosting companies in general, with the company offering “unlimited” hosting, but the difference between DreamHost and other unlimited hosting companies is also that DreamHost offers truly unlimited hosting.

While the rest of the companies use the term “unlimited” for advertising and apply a fair use policy, DreamHost is different from others because it adheres to the meaning of the term in its entirety.

DreamHost hosting offers web hosting services and wordpress hosting with high quality and efficiency that many have witnessed.

One of the most important features of dreamhost hosting is that it works at 99.98% throughout the year, which is a large percentage compared to other companies and therefore your site will rarely stop.

Also characterized by high speed hosting is one of the most important features that users of Script and WordPress are looking for where studies have shown that the regular hosting provided by DreamHost is 32% faster than the average response speed of other companies, and this is the regular hosting so we have the service of hosting WordPress provided by the company.

There are also more and more features that you can see when you purchase hosting from the company.

But it should be noted that the worst flaws in the company is that it does not use the cPanel or Plesk panel, but rather the control panel developed by the company itself and this control panel is better for beginners than other control panels but not as efficient as other control panels for professional users.


One of the world’s most famous hosting companies is iPage. The company is renowned for its low prices and offers unlimited hosting resources.

In addition to iPage’s shared hosting service, the company offers VPS virtual servers and full servers at competitive prices.

iPage also offers WordPress hosting for sites that work with WordPress and want strong hosting and additional features. With the service, you will receive a free domain hosting with it at no extra expense.

IPage’s WordPress hosting service includes two packages, WP Starter and WP Essential

The company offers a free technical support service by phone, live chat or technical support tickets.


Although it is a fairly recent company compared to other existing companies, American hosting company Green Geeks has been able to position itself among the world’s largest hosting companies in a short period of time.

The company is currently the largest fully clean-powered hosting company, providing hosting services to more than 300,000 locations around the world and growing the company every day.

One of the most important advantages of the company is that it offers unlimited hosting resources with the possibility of creating an unlimited number of sites on the same hosting package at no additional cost. In addition, it offers free website and domain transfer.

InMotion Hosting

Motion House is one of the largest and most prestigious independent hosting companies because the company is not owned by any other company.

The company offers a great selection of hosting services for all sites and all needs. The company started its work in 2001 and continues to offer its services to date with high quality and high performance.

Some of The InMotion Hosting Features
Unlimited hosting
Where the company offers unlimited resource hosting, it offers unlimited storage space and unlimited data transfer.

Hosting more than one site on the same account
InMotion Hosting is one of the few companies that gives you the ability to install more than one site on the same hosting package.

For example, the lowest hosting package offered by the company gives you the ability to install two sites on the same account.

Backup service for your site for free
Unusually, InMotion Hosting backs up your site for free so you can restore your site at any time if something goes wrong.

It should be noted that the vast majority of hosting companies consider the backup service an additional service and in order to obtain it you must pay a large monthly or annual surcharge but InMotion Hosting offers it free of charge.

Hosting using SSD only
No one denies that quick hosting is one of the most important features to consider when purchasing WordPress hosting.

For this, Motion Hosting offers fully-functional solid state drives, which have a very high response speed compared to the normal HDD, thus increasing the speed of your site significantly.

This service is also provided by InMotion Hosting free of charge while most other companies charge you an additional cost for their use.

Transfer your site to the company for free and at no extra cost.
Free technical support.
CPanel hosting management control panel with Arabic interface.
Install more than 310 scripted content management with a click of a button including WordPress, Drupal, Gomla and others.
$250 free advertising coupons to promote your site.
Protect your site’s incoming mail from spam for free.
In addition to other features offered by the company you will recognize them after purchasing the hosting.


FastComet is one of WordPress’s most popular and powerfully emerging hosts, with FastComet gaining popularity in the web hosting market in a short time.

Many FastComet hosting users recommend the company due to their good experience with hosting. The many hosting features and ease of use also play an important role in the company’s continued growth in the company’s customer numbers.

One of the most important advantages of hosting WordPress offered by Fast Comet is the following.

11 data centres on 4 continents
As your site is closer to the visitor, the speed of uploading the site will increase, especially if your site is targeting a particular country or geographical area.

FastComet allows hosting customers to choose the data center where their location will be hosted from 11 data centres in many countries on the continents of North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

CDN content delivery network for free with all hosting packages
FastComet offers the ability to use CloudFlare’s content delivery network from within the hosting control panel easily and free of charge, bringing high speed to your site and reducing resource consumption.

Very good technical support
When you have a hosting problem, the first thing you’ll think about is to contact technical support to solve the problem for you or at least help you solve the problem. If technical support is not up to the required level or is too late to respond, you may lose a lot of money and visitors depending on the size of your site.

The larger the company’s customer number, the harder it will be to provide a strong technical support service. Fast Comet offers a very good free technical support service for WordPress hosting customers and other customers as well. This is via email, technical support tickets, live chat and telephone communication.

Secure hosting and daily backup for free
A reasonable person cannot deny the importance of hosting protection and security, as a new breakthrough attempt occurs every 39 seconds.

When it comes to WordPress hosting, hosting security is recognized, as WordPress is one of the most vulnerable content management systems to hack scans because it is the most used.

FastComet provides a largely secure hosting environment by isolating accounts, protecting against known hacking attempts, providing a firewall to protect the site and more.

FastComet also backs up your hosting account daily and maintains the last 7 backups (30 in the grand package) and you can easily retrieve them from the control panel at any time.

Media Temple

Media Temple is a high quality web hosting company that is why its prices are high. Therefore, the company may not suit some people, especially those with a limited budget or a simple site that does not require strong hosting. But Media Temple offers a powerful web hosting service with very good features.

Media Temple’s WordPress hosting service comes with just two packages, the smaller Personal package and the larger PRO package.

Both packages include 24-hour technical support per day via live chat, email or phone. In addition to:

Secure SSH/SFTP access
Git version control
WP-CLI admin access


HostPapa is a global web hosting company headquartered in Canada. The company offers a variety of web hosting services including shared hosting, VPS servers, WordPress hosting, reseller Hosting, domain booking and registration and a range of other services.

HostPapa’s WordPress web hosting service is powerful and has a range of features that each wordpress site needs.

One of those features is.

  • The disk space in the lowest package is 100GB and the rest of the plans are unlimited.
  • Bandwidth is unlimited in all packages.
  • WordPress super caching automatic storage.
  • Free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt.
  • Add jetpack free plan posted by default.
  • Free CloudFlare CDN service.
  • Transfer your site to HostPapa HostPapa for free.
  • CPanel control panel.
  • Free technical support is available at any time and in more ways than one.
  • Domain is free for your site using dean’s hosting offer.
  • The possibility of installing more than one site on the same package for free.


This was a guide to the best foreign hosting companies that you can create a site using Script and WordPress on them. We’ve done research and comparisons for hosting companies around the world and we’ve chosen what’s best for you so we can take the trouble of finding the best WordPress hosting.

We’ve also provided the best discounts you can get so you can save some of the expenses you might need to buy a WordPress template or add WordPress.

We also recommend that you do your own research on the size of your site and the expected growth rate in the number of visitors and the size of the site, and accordingly you can choose the optimal hosting for your site.

If you’re going to have a site that’s already running and has a large number of visitors, I advise you to choose a strong hosting package that can afford your site’s “number of visitors” traffic, so you don’t later experience site interruptions or slow downloading. If you have any problems in this regard, please don’t hesitate to email us, we are happy to help you!

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